Shop now for heavyweight cardboard boxes with Packing Solution

Heavyweight cardboard boxes are available to buy here at Packing Solution directly online, and we offer next day delivery throughout the UK. You can pick the exact size measurements that you require, and our double walled boxes are very strong and durable and are designed to hold very heavy weights inside of them with ease.

The walls are so thick, and the cardboard such high quality, that they can hold even the largest and heaviest of items inside of them and they will not break apart and will protect the things you put into them as well. Heavyweight moving boxes can be used to move delicate items such as electrical things from your home, or they can be used to simply hold very heavy things like bricks or metal.

There are many different reasons why you may need to use boxes, and it could be for the purpose of your business or because you are simply moving home, storing something or shipping something in the post. Anybody can order from our website, including businesses and the public too, and you do not need to create an account in order to purchase.

Heavyweight packing boxes are guaranteed to arrive undamaged, and we deliver them flat packed to your door and they will be wrapped up in polythene to ensure they are protected against water damage during delivery. You can use our boxes for the purpose of moving loads of items in your home, which all together will weigh a lot, and so the strong boxes can hold lots of that weight inside of them with ease.

All of your kitchen appliances can fit into one of our larger double walled boxes. Heavyweight boxes UK are made from one hundred percent recyclable corrugated cardboard, and are produced here in the UK.

This is the same with our bubble wrap too, which is very rare. You can buy all sorts of different packaging materials which are designed to help you to move, and this ensures you can get everything you need in one place here online. Things like tape, bubble wrap and cling film are all for sale.

Heaviest weight cardboard boxes sold here with double walled cardboard can even be used to move heavy things such as fifty bowls from your kitchen, which all together can weigh loads. This is especially useful if you run a kitchen cooking business, and you are relocating to a new location because you need more space to cater for a larger number of customers.

You will always need strong packing tape to secure boxes which are full of heavy items, because otherwise they could easily split apart and break, and that is the worst case scenario. This is why you should buy our industrial strength tape as opposed to supermarket tape, which isn’t good enough.