Shop now for a large roll of bubble wrap with Packing Solution

Welcome to Packing Solution; we are the UK’s number one supplier of packaging for moving, storage and shipping. If you are looking for a large roll of bubble wrap then you are in the right place, because we offer one hundred metre rolls of bubble wrap which are guaranteed to be large enough for almost any requirement.

We also sell discount packs of three rolls at a time too, so the more that you need, the cheaper the price per metre becomes. Our one hundred metre rolls are the cheapest price per metre compared with our other smaller rolls of bubble wrap, which range from five metres, to ten metres, twenty metres and one hundred metres.

We also sell bubble wrap with larger bubbles in huge rolls too. A large bubble wrap roll can be useful during a large house move, where you have a large number of rooms which are full of items that will need protecting from damage. A roll of bubble wrap is easy to store, and easy to use because all you have to do is roll out the amount that you need for the item you are trying to protect, and then cut off that piece without having to unravel the entire roll. A large roll of bubble wrap UK can also be used to help you ship lots of items to customers in the post safely too.

If you run a large business and need to send all of your products to customers over the Christmas period, then our larger rolls will be ideal for that very purpose.   A large roll of bubble wrap for moving will enable you to protect even the largest of things from your home with ease, which includes large items of furniture plus lots of smaller things too.

A large cabinet will need some protection for sure, to make sure that it doesn’t get scratched or damaged in any way. A large roll of bubble wrap for packing will help you to pack up the kitchen with all of your plates, cups and glasses too. As there are many smaller objects here that need protection, it is best to wrap them all up individually and then place them into strong boxes that are medium sized so they are easy to carry and move.

It is little tips like this that will help you to move home much easier and much faster. It will help reduce the stress of moving too, because you won’t have to worry about anything getting damaged or broken