Shop now for lightweight bubble wrap with Packing Solution

Lightweight bubble wrap is extremely popular because it will not add much weight to the things that you wrap it around to protect. This is important for many reasons; firstly it means that it won’t make the parcel harder for you to carry and move because the weight will not increase.

This will make your house move go faster and easier, and will in turn save you money and effort. The removal company will thank you for it too. Lightweight roll of bubble wrap can also be useful for sending items in the post.

The lightweight factor is useful here because you have to pay extra for heavier weights when sending things with a courier or the post office, and so you definitely do not want bubble wrap to add to the weight of the parcel because it will simply cost you more money.

This is another reason that lightweight bubble wrap is so popular, and many of our rolls are exactly that. Take a look at our large roll of bubble wrap which is twenty metres in length but is lightweight and has small bubbles. Lightweight bubble wrap roll does not mean that the quality standard is compromised, and in fact it means the opposite.

Our rolls of bubble wrap come in different lengths, but all are of the same great quality. They will not tear easily, and will provide the optimum level of protection against damage of your possessions. They will do all of this without adding to the weight of the parcel, which is very important indeed.  

Lightweight bubble wrap UK could be used to help you to protect a light bulb which you might be transporting to a new business location. Maybe it is a long light bulb which can easily get damaged if you do not protect it, and so bubble wrap is the only solution to the problem. Maybe the business specialises in the manufacture of gloves, and so you need good lighting in the production process to ensure that the gloves are made to the highest standard possible.

Light bubble wrap for packing can be stored in several different ways. The most common way is on a roll, so that you can simply roll out the amount that you wish to use at any time. Another way is to fold the bubble wrap up, which ensures that it is flat. This can actually provide more economical use of space than a roll.

Here at Packing Solution we offer next day delivery on our orders throughout the entire United Kingdom, and we always have our bubble wrap in stock and ready for you to order. It is one hundred percent recyclable too, and this is something that sets our bubble wrap apart from other competitors.