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Welcome to Packing Solution, Kingston’s number one retailer of cardboard boxes and packaging accessories. We supply Kingston, and its surrounding area, and can even deliver nationwide if you should require us to do so. We offer a massive range of cardboard boxes with lids as well as many other types, specifically designed for people who are moving home. We hope that you will find precisely what you are looking for, and please contact us if you have any questions what so ever.

Buy packing boxes here in Kingston

Packing Solution have years of experience within the house moving packaging industry, we also sell storage boxes which are both durable and excellent price too, they will last a long time when storing your things away in the garage such as old pillows or video games. Heavy duty boxes for moving need to be able to withstand the bumps they get which are inevitable during a house move, and they need to be able to protect your things inside of the boxes too. Strong cardboard boxes for shipping need to be large enough to hold lots of your things inside, but not so large so that they cannot be carried easily during the big day.

Boxes for house moving here in Kingston from Packing Solution are all delivered on a next day delivery service via courier, so you can guarantee speedy delivery for when you need them. Cardboard boxes and cartons are brown in colour, so that you can easily write upon them to say what is inside of them, so that way nothing gets lost during the house move. Removal boxes in Kingston are sold here as well as packaging accessories, so you can find everything that you will need here in one place online, they will keep the boxes together and keep your things safe inside of the boxes too.

Double walled boxes are always what we would recommend purchasing, as they are much stronger and more durable, and are an excellent price too, they are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. Simply click on the product that you wish to view, and this will give you more information about the product. Add it to your cart, and then go to checkout. If you are having any trouble, please call us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you.