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Packaging for moving is our specialty here at Packing Solution. We offer a polythene furniture cover, which is designed for protection from dirt and water of your largest of furniture, including sofas, beds and mattresses which are commonly used. You can secure the covers using the strongest of tapes designed for packaging, which we offer here in a wide range including our clear tape and our fragile printed tape too, which will let the delivery driver know to look after your parcel the most.

Removals packaging is also available to move your wooden furniture during a house move. You could wrap up a chest of drawers using our large bubble wrap, or the bubble wrap with extra large bubbles too, and this will ensure that even if the chest of drawers is dropped it will still remain in great condition.

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Packaging materials for house move can also be useful when moving clothing. All of our boxes are brand new, and are very clean when they arrive. We wrap them up in polythene, which protects them from dirt and water during delivery, so they will arrive in great condition. This means that you can put precious items such as clothing inside of them and ensure that the clothing remains in great condition and doesn't get dirty.

You could use a large box to carry plenty of clothing items. Packaging companies Aylesbury can be hard to find, because not many shops on the high street sell boxes. This is why Packing Solution was formed, to provide the packaging that you need with guaranteed next day delivery. We hold stock of our entire range all year around, and guarantee to never run out. We delivery directly to your doorstep using the best courier service in the country, and we send a tracking number so that you know exactly when the parcel will arrive tomorrow.

Packaging for parcels could be used if you are sending a computer in the post. Maybe you have a laptop which is old, and so you have bought a new one to replace it, but the old one still worked well so you decided to sell it online. You want it to arrive in good condition, so protecting it with bubble wrap and a strong box is highly important, and then you need to secure it using strong tape.