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Removals packaging is available here in our wide variety of products. We have single and double walled cardboard boxes, ranging from small to extra large sized, and they come in many different shapes as well. We have some boxes with lids, and some without lids, and some with handle holes which makes them easy to carry, and some ordinary boxes without holes.

We also have plastic boxes with lids, which are extra heavy duty plastic boxes and are designed for storage purposes. Packaging materials for a house move can be used to move any items from your home with ease. They help you to carry lots of items at once, which saves you time and money, and a lot of hassle too. They also help to protect your items from damage that can occur in the removal lorry.

Packaging for moving house at affordable prices

Packaging materials are useful for protection because when items are carried during a house move, they will often have quite a long journey to go. They need to be carried to the lorry by removal men, and if boxes are heavy and full of items, it could potentially mean that some boxes get dropped . The only way to ensure your things are safe is to protect them in advance of any disaster, using the best quality bubble wrap and packing tissue paper to soften the blow.

Packaging companies in Banbury can be hard to find. Here at Packing Solution we have many years of experience when it comes to packaging, and we have no minimum orders on any of our products, including our boxes, so this means you can choose the exact quantity of each size of box and type of box, without having to purchase large packs at a time and waste anything. Alternatively, we do offer discounted packs of five or ten boxes too, so you can make big savings here.

Packaging for parcels needs to ensure that your items are waterproof, because if it rains and you send something in the post, then your items will get very wet and damaged. You can do this using our bubble wrap or cling film, both of which will be waterproof around your parcel and will help to protect in other ways too. A box on its own is fine for less delicate items.