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Packaging for moving house will typically include many cardboard boxes, some bubble wrap for the most delicate of items, plenty of strong tape to secure the boxes well, and maybe some cling film to waterproof a few of the electrical items. Here at Packing Solution we also offer moving packs, which are made up of a variety of different packing materials, at a discounted rate, and they will give you some idea of how many things you are likely to need based on a certain sized house move.

Removals packaging is available in our one bedroom moving pack for example, right up until our four bedrooms moving pack too, so it just depends on the size of your move. The best method of deciding what you need is to simply go through, count your things, and measure your things and pick accordingly, although this can be time-consuming.

Packaging for parcels at affordable prices

Packaging materials UK are available here with no minimum orders, so you can choose exactly the quantity that you need of each size of box and type of packaging. We offer wardrobe boxes, which are extremely large and tall, and they are designed for you to hand clothing and coats in it. They have a rail with which you can hand the clothes on, which goes at the top of the box when it is put together. All of our boxes will arrive flat packed, which are simple to assemble.

Packaging companies Belfast will often not have websites, or they will make you create accounts and give quotations before you can purchase. Here at Packing Solution we have an easy to use website, where you can view all of our product range and see the full product descriptions with ease, and you can purchase immediately without creating an account via our easy to use website.

If you need help, then please contact us and we can help you with anything. Packaging supplies are available on our guaranteed next day delivery service to every home in Belfast as well as the surrounding areas too, and we will send you a tracking number so you know exactly when the parcel will arrive tomorrow. Let us do the hard work and deliver to your door, so sit back and relax. Should you need any assistance then please contact us.