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Packaging materials UK can be very useful if you are putting items into storage. We offer both cardboard storage boxes and plastic storage boxes too, so it just depends on your requirement. Cardboard boxes are much cheaper, but plastic storage boxes can be more durable. If you are storing items into a dry place then cardboard is absolutely fine for this purpose, but if there is a chance of damp or water, then plastic is the best option.

Double walled cardboard boxes are the strongest available, and we have plenty of sizes to choose from. Packaging materials for house move available here also includes our single walled cardboard boxes, which are great for lighter and smaller items, and they are the best value boxes around. Our CD boxes are the smallest we offer, and are at a highly competitive price.

Packaging for moving at affordable prices

Packaging for parcels is very important. It needs to be strong to withstand the journey with which the parcel goes on, especially if you are sending something in the post on a long journey overseas. Double walled boxes are available here in a huge range of sizes, so they will be ideal for any item that you are sending. We also have protective packaging, including packing tissue paper and bubble wrap, as well as strong tapes to secure the parcel that you are sending, which ensures that nothing can fall out during the delivery.

Packaging companies Carlisle are often hard to find on the high street, because few shops are packaging specialists. Here at Packing Solution we have a huge range of packaging available to buy directly from us, and you do not need to create an account first. We have no minimum orders, so you can purchase as little or as much packaging as you require, and you can mix and match to pick exactly the number of each size of box that you want.

Removals packaging can be useful when moving towels from the cupboard to your new home. You will want to keep them clean, so firstly you could wrap them in polythene which we offer, and then place them into an extra large cardboard box to keep them together. You could write on the box to say they are inside, so that when it comes to unpacking the removal lorry, you will know where that box goes.