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Packaging for moving is our specialty here at Packing Solution, and we have many years of experience when it comes to packaging. We are a family run business, and we have a huge selection to choose from. All of our packaging and accessories were manufactured in the UK, and our boxes and bubble wraps are all one hundred percent recyclable too. We have both single and double walled boxes which are extra heavy duty, and can hold the heaviest of weights put inside of them.

Removals packaging can be used to move your curtains from your old house to the new one. You will want to keep them clean as you move, and so you could use a large cardboard box, because all of the boxes we offer are brand new and so they are clean and will keep your curtains clean inside of them as well.

Packaging materials UK at affordable prices

Packaging materials for house move includes our range of furniture cover, which is made from polythene and it will cover the largest of furniture, including sofas and arm chairs too. It will help to protect from dirt and dust, as well as water damage as well when you move home. This is highly important, because the cost of cleaning all of your furniture can be expensive and the time it takes to clean is also another factor which you can save.

Packaging companies Croydon can be hard to find. This is why Packing Solution was formed, to cater for the demand locally and to provide the highest quality and affordable packaging and packaging accessories that are recyclable and environmentally friendly. We have no minimum orders too, so you can purchase as little as one box at a time if you wish, and we also offer discounts for multiple purchases too so the more you buy the more you save.

Packaging for parcels can be used when sending your items in the postal service. You might be sending an old guitar in the post because you have a new one and you sold the old instrument online. You could wrap it up with a large roll of our bubble wrap, and then put it into an extra large double walled box, which is heavy duty and strong. You could tape it up securely using our strong box tape along the edges.