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Packaging supplies are available here with Packing Solution to every home in Exeter as well as the surrounding areas too with our guaranteed next day delivery service. We will email you with a tracking number once the order has been dispatched, so that you can find out precisely when it will arrive tomorrow, just in time for when you need it. We have no minimums, so even if you just need a few boxes or other items, we can do that for you.

Packaging for moving house is a necessity. You will need to pre pack your things, because it helps with organisation, it helps you to carry numerous items at once, and it helps to protect your items from damage too. If you pre pack, it can save you a lot of time and money, because otherwise the removal company will have to do it, and they usually charge a lot for this job extra.

Removals packaging at affordable prices

Packaging materials UK are available here in a huge selection, and we are packaging experts and specialists. We have everything you could need, including a range of cable ties, which can be used to secure your items that you are shipping or moving. You might want to group certain things together and ensure that they stay together so that nothing gets lost, and so cable ties are perfect for this. They could also be used to secure something to the edge of the removal lorry so that they do not slide around and break.

Packaging companies Exeter are often hard to deal with, because you need to set up an account and get quotations before purchasing, and this is why here at Packing Solution we have an easy to use website where you can purchase directly from us for delivery tomorrow, and you can view all of our product range including all detailed product information here online too. We provide all sizing measurements in centimetres, millimetres, and inches too, so it doesn't matter what your preference may be.

Packaging for parcels needs to be the right size for the job, and if anything you need a box that is a little larger than your items to ensure they fit in. You can then fill the gaps with bubble wrap to make sure they don't slide around and they are secure.