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Packaging for moving can be used if you are moving house. It can be useful for moving your kitchen things to the new home. You could fit all of your pots and pans into a medium or large sized box, which needs to be strong enough to hold the weight put on it, and then you can use protective bubble wrap and then secure the parcel with some strong tape to ensure it doesn't open during transit and thus keeping the pots and pans inside.

Packaging for parcels are available here in our huge range. We have wardrobe boxes, which are ideal for moving clothing in the post, and we also have CD sized boxes designed for that very purpose. We have furniture covers and cling film too, as well as cable ties and strong tape.

Removals packaging at affordable prices

Packaging materials for house move are available in our moving packs. We have one bedroom up to four plus bedroom moving packs, which are made up of many different packaging products including boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. The larger the pack the more of each type of material there is, and it is based on our experience in supplying packaging for this purpose, so it can give you a good idea of what you are likely to need. It is not always one hundred percent accurate however, so make sure you count your items.

Packaging companies Norwich are hard to find. Here at Packing Solution we have a huge range of packaging with all products and descriptions given here on our easy to use website, and you are able to purchase directly with us here online for delivery tomorrow. Our boxes and bubble wraps are one hundred percent recyclable, and we take great care to look after the environment as much as possible with our packaging.

Packaging materials UK are also available in our packs of boxes. We have discounted packs of five or ten boxes depending on your needs, in both the single and double walled options, and in a variety of sizes too. They can be useful if you need lots, or if you only need a few at a time, we can do that for you too. It is sometimes a good idea to purchase the amount you need, and then top up if you need more, to save you space.