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Packaging materials for house move can be used when moving your paintings from an old house to the new. You could wrap them up using our medium roll of bubble wrap, which is code PS10, and then secure that along the edges with strong tape. You can then put this into a cardboard box of the correct size, and our large double walled boxes should be ideal for this, which is code PS03.

You can then rest assured knowing the painting is safe when you move house, and it is one less thing you need to stress about. Packaging for parcels can be used to send some stationary in the post, which you might be sending to a son who is at University. You could keep the pens together using our cable ties, or packing string too. You can then put them into a small box, and our PS06 boxes will be ideal for this because they are the exact size.

Packaging for moving at affordable prices

Packaging materials UK could be used for storing your old books in the garage. Our plastic boxes with lids would be ideal for this purpose, or our archive boxes in both the A4 and A3 size too, which also have lids on and are double walled strong boxes made from cardboard. The plastic boxes are waterproof, which ensures it protects from both rain and water as well, and if you use cardboard you should protect it by wrapping in cling film or polythene.

Packaging companies Slough can be hard to find. This is why Packing Solution was formed, to cater for the demand in the local area to ensure you can find what you need in one place here online. We have a huge range, which is held in stock all year around guaranteed. We also have no minimum orders too, so you can purchase as little or as much packaging as you need.

Removals packaging can be used when shipping your microwave. You need to wrap it up with a thin layer of medium bubble wrap for protection, and then you can place that into a cardboard box which is double walled for strength, because the microwave is heavy and could break it. This needs to be secured with our strong tape and then the microwave will arrive safely in good condition ready to use.