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Removals packaging can be useful when moving larger furniture to a new home, because you will want to protect the furniture from damage and keep it clean too. You can do this by using a large or extra large roll of bubble wrap, or by using one of our furniture covers which are made of polythene and they are waterproof and dust proof as well. They are clear in colour, so you can see through them, and they are lightweight and durable. They will not break when carried, which is important.

Packaging materials UK can be used for storage purposes. You might need to store some old books into the attic, and we have some plastic boxes with lids which would be ideal for that purpose. Alternatively we also offer archive boxes with lids which are strong cardboard boxes, and they are much cheaper than plastic boxes and they can be recycled as well.

Packaging for parcels at affordable prices

Packaging materials for house move can be useful when moving small items from the kitchen. You might want to keep them organised, so that you know which drawers each item comes from, and you can do this using some medium sized cardboard boxes by writing on the outside of them to say what is inside. You could group together the cutlery for example, which you can then put straight back into the drawer that they belong in.

Packaging companies Stevenage can be hard to find on the high street, because few shops specialise in packaging. This is why Packing Solution was formed, to provide the highest quality and affordable packaging and accessories with our easy to use website here, where you can view our full range available to Stevenage with low postage costs too. We have some of the best prices of packaging in the UK and our reputation exceeds us.

Packaging for moving house could be useful to protect a DVD which you are sending in the post too. It would ensure that it doesn't get scratched, if you do not have the case any more, and you could ensure this by using some packing tissue paper which is available in discounted packs of 500 sheets at a time here online. They are white in colour, and are soft as well as durable. Please contact us should you need any assistance with packaging.