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Packaging materials UK can be used for a variety of purposes, including storage, house moving and shipping things in the post. You might have sold some second hand heels online, which you have worn a few times but they didn't fit very well so you wish to sell them instead. You need to therefore ensure that they reach the customer in good condition, so you will want to protect them using our packing tissue paper, and bubble wrap, placed into a strong box.

Packaging for moving includes our double walled box trays, which are very strong and heavy duty, and they are great for carrying tiny items, such as keys for your home. They do not have a lid, so they are good for helping you to carry items, or you can fill them and then secure them inside using our cling film.

Removals packaging at affordable prices 

Packaging for parcels can be wrapped in our clear cling film or our black cling film, which will ensure they are water resistant. This means that if it rains, which is very common in the UK, then your items inside will remain in good condition. It also helps to protect from dust and dirt, so this is why it is commonly wrapped around furniture during a house move to protect from all of these things. It will stick to whatever you wrap it around, so you do not need parcel tape along side it.

Packaging companies Wakefield can be a struggle to find on the high street, because there are few shops that specialise in packaging. This is why Packing Solution was created, to supply the best quality and most affordable packaging to Wakefield as well as the surrounding areas too. We are able to offer the lowest prices because we have cut out the middle man and are able to offer manufacturers prices directly for the public here online.

Packaging materials for house move includes our CD and DVD boxes, which are the precise size for this item in your home. You can fit approximately ten CD's into each box, and they are ordinary fold up boxes with flaps at the ends for you to secure as you please. They are one of our cheapest box options, and can be used for other small items in a house move too such as jewellery.