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Packaging materials for house move is available here with Packing Solution in our huge range. We have furniture protection packaging materials, including polythene sheeting, bubble wrap, cling film and cardboard, so there are plenty of options depending on the type of furniture that you are trying to protect. Wooden furniture such as tables should have bubble wrap put around them in order to prevent scratching damage. Packaging for moving house will help you to keep things organised, so that when it comes to unpacking the removal lorry and loading up your new house, you will know which box goes into which room of the house. You can do this by writing on the boxes to say which room they belong in.

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Removals packaging includes our range of strong packing tapes. We have fragile printed tape, which ensures that the removal company know to look after that parcel because there are fragile items inside which could break easily if they are not careful with the parcel. We also have clear tape which is extra strong and sticky, and is designed to hold together large parcels firmly, which is especially important if you are sending things in the post because the last thing you want is the parcel opening during transit.

Packaging companies Winchester are hard to find, because few shops specialise in packaging on the high street. This is why Packing Solution is here with an easy to use website where you can buy our full range available to Winchester online directly from us, with no minimum orders and we sell to businesses and the public alike. You do not need an account in order to purchase either, so you can do this simply with a debit or credit card immediately. We hold stock of our entire range all year around, and rarely run out.

Packaging for parcels can be used when you send items in the post or with a courier, perhaps to customers or to friends who live far away. Bubble wrap is a necessity for protection purposes, and the tiny air bubbles provide a layer of protection from knocks and bumps when you send things. A strong box is also useful, and we have a huge selection of double walled cardboard boxes to choose from here online. Take a look below or at the top menu too.