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Packaging materials UK could be used for storage purposes. We have A4 and A3 archive boxes with lids, which are great for this purpose because the lids allow for easy access, and they are extra strong and durable boxes designed for storage. You can write on them to say what is inside, so that you know exactly which items are in which box, and this keeps things organised for you for the future.

They are made in the UK from premium quality corrugated cardboard. Packaging for parcels could be used if you are sending an old mobile phone in the post because you might have sold it online because you have a new one now. You can protect it from damage using our bubble wrap, and then place that into a strong box for added protection.

Packaging materials for house move at affordable prices

Packaging for moving house can be used when moving your duvet cover to your new home. You don't want it getting dirty and dusty, or for water to get onto it either if it rains because then you won't get a good nights sleep on your first night in the new home. You can use our furniture protection covers to put around it, because they are polythene sheets which are lightweight but waterproof too, and they would be the ideal size for this requirement.

Packaging companies Blackburn are hard to find. Second hand boxes are no longer available from shops, and this is why Packing Solution was formed to cater for the demand in the local area. We have an easy to use website where you can view our full product offering, as well as all product details too. We are a family run organisation, and we have no minimum orders too, so you can purchase as little or as much packaging as you need at any given time. We offer discounts for our packs of five or ten boxes, so you can get huge savings here too.

Packaging for moving includes our range of tapes, which are extra strong and durable. They are industrial strength, and are highly recommended over ordinary tapes from a supermarket, which often won't do the job properly of holding together your packaging types. Larger and heavier parcels require stronger tape to hold them together else it will not work properly during transit.