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Packaging materials for house move can be useful when moving your coffee table to your new living room. You will want to prevent scratches on the table, because when lots of your things are crammed into the removal van or lorry, this can often be the case. You can protect it using our bubble wrap, and a large or medium roll should be enough to cover the coffee table completely. Alternatively, you can use our polythene furniture covers to protect from dirt and water.

Packaging for moving house can be used to move the most delicate items in your home that are liable to break and get damaged. You will want to protect them as much as possible because the cost of having to replace them far outweighs the cost of a small amount of packaging.

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Removals packaging needs to be used prior to the removal date. If you leave all of the packing to the removal company, they will charge you a fortune for this service, and often the cost of this is double the cost of the actual removal process. It would also take them an extremely long time, which would also cost you a further amount of money because they might need an extra day for removal. They might also lose certain items because they will not do things in the same organised way that you might.

Packaging companies Burton Upon Trent can be hard to find. Here at Packing Solution you can use our packaging to pre pack your things in an organised fashion, and ensure that you write on each box to say what is inside so that nothing gets lost. You can also take the time to protect the most delicate of items to protect them from potential harm, and it will save you money because all the removal company needs to do is pick up the boxes and take them to the new home.

Packaging for parcels needs to be the right size for the items you are sending in the post, but it also needs to ensure it meets the sizing requirements for the postal service too. They charge extra if you go over the size and weight limit, so you need to take that into consideration, and each postal service and courier is different, so you need to read their terms first.