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Packaging for moving is what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. We offer a variety of boxes, including CD sized boxes which are ideal for holding approximately fifteen CD's at a time or several DVD's too. If you are moving home a few of these will help you to look after your music and films, so that you know which boxes they are in when it comes to unpacking, and it makes your house move a breeze.

Packaging materials for house move also include our range of packing tissue paper, which can be used for protective purposes. You can stuff it in the gaps of boxes to prevent items from sliding around and moving, and you can stuff it inside of mugs and glasses to ensure they do not smash and break. You can also wrap it around items to protect them.

Removals packaging at affordable prices

Packaging materials UK like our packing tissue paper is available at the lowest prices here online. It is white in colour, and there are five hundred sheets of packing paper in each pack. They are durable and strong, and will do a brilliant job for protection.

It is soft as well, so it does not harm your things that you put it around or scratch anything. You can tear it easily to adjust the size, and it is normal to use several sheets at a time when you use it. Packaging companies Chester can be hard to find, and this is why Packing Solution was formed to offer the best quality and most affordable packaging and packaging accessories around. We have a huge range, from boxes to cartons to bubble wrap and tape, along with many other types of packaging which was designed for house moving, storage and shipping purposes.

We sell to both businesses and the public too, and we have no minimum orders. We hold stock of our full range all year around, guaranteed. Packaging for parcels are available for delivery tomorrow, guaranteed, to every home in Chester as well as the surrounding areas too. You can use it to send toys which you might have sold second hand online, because they were taking up too much room in the living room. You can help to declutter your home in this way, and it is worth doing for a bit of extra money too.