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Packaging materials for house move are available in our one, two, three or four bedroom moving packs, which are available to view and purchase here online. They are made up of a variety of different packaging materials, including bubble wrap, tape and a variety of sizes of cardboard boxes, and the larger the pack the more items there are inside.

The quantity of each is based on the UK average size of house, so if you feel your house might be a little cluttered, you can purchase a few extra boxes and add them to the pack. Packaging for moving is also available with no minimums, so you can pick and mix the exact boxes in the sizes that you require, with the precise quantity of each that you require. This makes life easy for you, and ensures an efficient job with no wastage.

Packaging for parcels at affordable prices

Removals packaging includes our range of CD boxes, which are the exact size for this purpose. They are our best value boxes too, and they are made out of single walled cardboard with four flaps at either end to ensure they are easy to secure. They are lightweight as well as durable too, and the precise sizing measurements for these and all of our box measurements are given clearly here on our website. Packaging companies Colchester rarely have an easy to use website as we do here. You are able to purchase from us directly, with no account needed.

We sell to both the public and businesses, so we welcome all enquiries. We give all detailed product information here online, as well as showing our full in stock range, so you can find everything you need with ease. Packaging materials UK also include our mail order boxes, which are lightweight and strong. They are designed for sending items in the post, and they are a little larger than a shoe box. It makes them the ideal size to send items with Royal Mail and to have the lowest charge possible. If you go over the weight limit however this won't be the case. They are brown in colour, and can easily be sealed shut with some strong tape. If there are gaps between the item you are putting in them and the outside of the box, then you can fill that with bubble wrap to ensure safety.