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Removals packaging is what we specialise in here at Packing Solution, and welcome to our site. We offer the largest range of packaging around, and we have both single and double walled cardboard boxes, along with bubble wraps, tape and cling film too, along with many other types of packaging too which are useful for moving home, storage and shipping purposes too.

We sell to both the public and businesses too, and we have no minimum orders. Packaging for parcels will typically include a cardboard box of an appropriate size, and we also sell mailing boxes here at Packing Solution which are designed for sending things in the post. You can protect your items inside of the box using our packing paper or bubble wrap too, and we have a wide selection to choose from.

Packaging materials UK at affordable prices

Packaging materials for house move can be used when moving the larger furniture to your new home. You can protect a dining room table with our polythene furniture covers to protect it from dirt and water damage, or alternatively you could put several sheets of our large bubble wrap around it to ensure it doesn't get hit by knocks and bumps in the removal lorry too. You could also put sheets of cardboard in between as well, so there are many options.

Packaging companies Crawley can be hard to find. Not many shops on the high street offer packaging, and the ones that do will often sell a small selection at a high price, which is far from ideal for what you need. Here at Packing Solution we are true packaging specialists, and we are able to offer the lowest prices around because we have cut out the middle man and offer manufacturers prices directly for the public. You are able to purchase from us directly here online, with no account needed, and we have no minimums too.

Packaging for moving needs to be lightweight as well as durable too. All of our packaging is made in the UK, and our boxes and bubble wraps are all one hundred percent recyclable too. We encourage our customers to re use our packaging wherever possible too, and if not, to pass it onto a friend or family member who may find a use for it. We hope that you can find everything you need.