Look No Further For Cardboard Boxes in Dunstable

Welcome to Packing Solution online store, we supply moving boxes in Dunstable and the surrounding areas, we also deliver nationwide. We are based in Somerset, with a large warehouse where we can dispatch any packaging quickly and efficiently. If you cannot find what you require here, please contact us and we can help you!

Cardboard Packing Boxes For Moving House

We specialise in boxes for moving house and for storage, and so our number one aim is to reduce the stress involved and make your life as easy as possible. This is why we deliver directly to your doorstep, quickly and efficiently. We do not believe you should have to leave the comfort of your own home to buy cardboard boxes.

You can find basic boxes in supermarkets, but they are second hand, smell of bananas, and we can guarantee they will fall apart in no time. We sell A3 and A4 archive boxes that come with lids. They are white, and have room to write in a marker pen on the side what is going to be in them, to help with organisation. A3 archive boxes are larger than A4 archive boxes and so you can choose which you need to suit your needs and size of storage.

Archive Cardboard boxes for moving are delivered flat packed, so they are easy to transport until you need them, when you can simply put them together using our strong box tape. Where To Buy Removal Boxes And Archive Boxes Dunstable: Here at Packing Solution we offer packaging tape that is extra strong to hold your boxes together for a long period of time, so there is no rush to move. Weaker tape commonly found on the high street is not good enough for packaging, and you may find that gaps appear in the edges of your boxes and your personal belongings may fall out in the removal van.

We sell both single walled boxes and double walled boxes which are better for heavier items that need more structure to hold in place. Online bubble wrap can be difficult to find, and we offer it in three different sizes. Always we would recommend having plenty to ensure that your possessions are tightly wrapped to avoid breakage. If you have any queries please contact us and we can help you with them.