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Packaging for parcels can be used if you are sending a present or gift in the post to a friend or family member. It can also be used if you run a business and need to send items in the post to customers as well. We have mail order boxes which are designed for that very purpose, and they are self sealing and so they can fold closed and just need a small amount of tape to seal them. They are an all in one piece of cardboard which has a folding lid, and please see the image to make it clearer.

Packaging materials UK can be useful if you sell old telephones online. They might be the dialing ones with the numbers in a circle at the front, which are vintage and trendy. You will want to protect them using the strongest and most durable packaging, to ensure they reach the customer in great condition.

Packaging materials for house move at affordable prices

Removals packaging can be used to move your television to the new home. Often people choose to put them into boxes that are the shape of a TV, but this is not a good idea. We recommend wrapping it up using a large roll of bubble wrap, which will provide the optimum level of protection from damage. You can use a double layer too for extra cushioning. The bubble wrap is clear in colour too, so you can see that the television is wrapped up, and therefore know to look after that parcel carefully.

If you just put it into a TV shaped box, it wouldn't be protected and you wouldn't know what is inside. Packaging companies Hereford can be hard to find because few shops specialise in packaging on the high street. This is why Packing Solution was formed to provide the highest quality and affordable packaging and accessories, with no minimum orders so you can order as much or little packaging as you please.

We offer discounted packs of five or ten boxes, as well as selling individual boxes too. Packaging for moving house can also be used if you are moving jewellery to the new home. We have small CD sized boxes which are ideal for this purpose, and they will help to keep everything together so that nothing goes missing. Please take a look at our full range from the top menu.