Shop now for packaging Inverness with Packing Solution

Packaging for parcels will typically depend on the item that you are sending in the post. If it is a delicate item that could easily break or get damaged, then you will need to protect it inside of a box, using the best quality bubble wrap and packing tissue paper which will go around the item firstly. Next you will need a strong double walled heavy duty cardboard box, which will further protect from damage. We have many different sizes of box available to buy, and we have no minimums.

Packaging materials UK can also be used for less delicate items. You will only need an appropriate sized box for this purpose, and to seal it carefully using some strong tape, which will hold the parcel together throughout the delivery. It is important to use boxes, because they are not see through and people cannot know what is inside of your parcel this way, and it means the address label can stick to the outside easily.

Packaging materials for house move at affordable prices

Packaging for moving can be used when sending a mirror to your new home. A roll of our medium bubble wrap should cover a small sized mirror, or you will need a larger roll for a larger full body mirror. Bubble wrap always needs to cover the whole mirror without any gaps. If you leave a gap, then that is a potential area for damage and it would defeat the object of using bubble wrap. We offer bubble wrap with extra large bubbles as well, which can provide even more protection and cushioning from damage.

Packaging companies Inverness can be hard to find. Not many shops on the high street offer packaging, and those that do will often have an extremely high price tag on them. This is why Packing Solution was formed, to provide the best prices for the best quality packaging and accessories to Inverness and the surrounding areas too. Removals packaging sold here can also be used for storage purposes. We have plastic storage boxes as well as archive boxes with lids as well, and so it depends on the item that you are storing and where you are putting it. Plastic is better for protection from water but can cost more than cardboard boxes, and they are equally as strong and durable as well.