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Packaging for moving house is available in our huge range. We offer packing tissue paper, which is ideal for wrapping up the smaller items such as glasses and mugs from the kitchen when you move. It will protect them from damage, and you can stuff the paper inside of the glasses too in order to give them extra strength from within so that they do not crack or smash if they are dropped. It is important to use packing paper when it comes to china too.

Packaging materials for house move could be used to move your CD's to the new home. We offer CD boxes which are designed for this exact purpose, and they are the exact size that you will need for this purpose. They are some of our cheapest boxes too, so you can get great deals here with Packing Solution.

Removals packaging at affordable prices

Packaging materials UK can be used for storage purposes too. You can use it to store items in the garage or attic, because our boxes are extra durable and strong and this is why they are ideal for this purpose. We also offer plastic storage boxes too, which are waterproof and extra heavy duty. They are clear in colour and come with lids on, so it makes them easy to access the things inside once you have stored your items away.

Packaging companies Lisburn can be hard to find on the high street, because not many shops specialise in packaging. Here at Packing Solution we have an easy to use and clear website, where you can view our full product range along with all detailed descriptions too, so you know everything there is to know about each product, including exact sizing and materials used, and the main purposes of each type. You can add the quantity that you require to your shopping cart, before entering delivery information.

Packaging for parcels could be used if you run a small business and need to send things in the post. You might sell toys for children, such as action men, and you want to ensure they reach the customer in good condition. You could use a small roll of bubble wrap, and put that into a medium double walled cardboard box which is very strong and durable, and then seal it using our fragile printed tape.