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Removals packaging is very useful in helping you to carry lots of smaller items at once. An example of this being cutlery from your kitchen when you move house, which would be really difficult to carry one by one, and so a small box will save you a lot of time and will help to keep them all together. It also helps to protect your items from any potential harm, and in this example it would keep the cutlery clean from dirt and dust in the removal lorry. Packaging for moving house isn't the only type that we offer here. We have a huge range designed for house moving as well as storage and shipping purposes as well, and we supply to both businesses and the public here directly online, with no minimum orders.

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Packaging for parcels will help to protect your items, as well as hiding what is inside of them. You might have sold an old mobile phone online, and you want to ensure that it reaches the buyer in excellent condition, and also that nobody can see you are sending a mobile in the post because it is a high value item and

potential thieves might let it catch their eye if you are not careful enough. A small box should do the job, and our CD boxes would be the ideal size for this. Packaging companies Liverpool will offer prices that are not as low as we offer here at Packing Solution. We have an easy to use website, where you can find full product information, and you are able to purchase from us directly, immediately, without creating an account, and we deal with both businesses and the public.

We offer a guarantee next day delivery service too, and send you a tracking number so you know exactly when it will arrive tomorrow. Packaging for moving needs to be lightweight as well as durable, so it can stand the task without breaking, but also so that you can easily carry the parcels, because you will be moving things all day long which can be extremely tiresome if your parcels are not light enough. You don't want to pick boxes that are too large to carry, because it would make it impossible. Our medium sized double walled boxes are the ideal size for most house movers.