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Packaging for moving can be useful when moving the items from your living room to the new house. Your television will require a large size of box, which is strong, so maybe our extra large double walled boxes might do this job depending on the size of the TV. You will need to look after it with bubble wrap protection, to ensure it doesn't get cracked if it is dropped. Tape will then be needed to secure the parcel, to ensure it doesn't fall out of the box during transition.

Packaging materials UK could also be used when moving your DVDs from below the television to your new home. They would be too difficult to carry individually, and so if you use one of our medium double walled boxes that should be the ideal size for lots of them dependant on how many you have.

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Packaging materials for house move could then be used when moving your pillows from the sofa. You want to ensure that no dirt and dust gets onto them in the removal lorry, which is likely to be very dirty and unclean.

You could wrap them in cling film or our polythene furniture covers, which will do this job perfectly because it is what they are designed for. You can then secure it with tape, and sling them in the back of the lorry somewhere convenient knowing they are safe. Packaging companies Oxford rarely have an easy to use website as we do here at Packing Solution.

All of our full product list is shown here, along with full product information if you click on them. You are able to purchase from us directly here online, and we offer a guaranteed next day delivery service too so you will get it tomorrow. We hold stock of absolutely everything, 247, guaranteed. We send a tracking number so you know exactly when it will arrive too. Removals packaging could be used to move the books from your shelf in the living room as well. A standard book box is our medium double walled boxes, which are an ideal size and they are strong because they are designed to hold the weight of heavy items. They are the ideal size to carry as well, without being too large which would make it very difficult to move.