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Packaging materials UK are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. We offer a range of furniture protection, and we have polythene furniture covers designed to fit around mattresses and sofas, and you can see the exact sizing measurements on the product description. Click on accessories at the top menu to see these, and if the sheet of polythene isn't big enough, just purchase two and seal them together with some strong tape. They will protect from dust and dirt, and water damage too. 

Packaging for moving could be great for moving your shelving to your new home. You could tie the shelves together with packing string, and put a sheet of bubble wrap in between them so they don't scratch together, and another sheet of bubble wrap around the whole lot together too. This will ensure maximum protection.

Removals packaging at affordable prices

Packaging for parcels is available along with our plastic boxes, which are mainly used for storage purposes. They are strong and durable, yet lightweight too. They have lids, which makes for easy access, and this means you can put anything into them for storage and easily get to that item again soon when you might need it. It would fit under a bed or in the garage or attic, and will declutter your home nicely.

Packaging companies Reading can be hard to find. Here at Packing Solution we have the biggest range around, and offer the lowest prices around too. We offer our guaranteed next day delivery service to every home in Reading as well as the surrounding areas too, and we will send a tracking number once the order has been dispatched so you know exactly when it will arrive tomorrow. Packaging materials for house move can be used to ship your clothing to a new home.

You might want to put a polythene sheet around them and then put them into an appropriate sized box, or you could use our wardrobe boxes which have a rail at the top designed for you to hang your clothing on, which will keep them in good shape and ensure that you don't need to wash or iron your clothes when you move in. All of our boxes are brand new and therefore completely clean, so you could put clothing in them and they would keep very clean regardless.