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Removals packaging can be useful for moving large furniture when you move home. You can protect a mattress when you move by using our furniture protection cover, which is made from a polythene sheet which is waterproof, and it will protect from water and dirt. You could also use a large roll of bubble wrap to cover items to protect from knocks and bumps, and they are made with tiny air bubbles which can absorb shocks put onto them.

Packaging materials UK are what we specialise in, and we have a huge range to choose from. We have a range of boxes in many different sizes, and we offer packs of boxes in five or ten packs of each size of box too, so this way you can save over 30% on boxes if you purchase in bulk.

Packaging for moving at affordable prices

Packaging materials for house move can be used to help carry the smaller items from your kitchen and to keep them clean. For example, you could put all of the cutlery together and cooking utensils, and you can do this by putting them into a medium double walled box which is strong and durable, and it would be the ideal size for all of these things. It will help to keep them all together in one place, so that nothing goes missing and you can use them when you move into the new home.

Packaging companies Redditch can be hard to find. This is the reason that Packing Solution was formed, to cater for the demand in Redditch and to supply the highest quality and affordable packaging and accessories for people who are moving home, for storage and for shipping items in the post as well. We are a family run business, with two generations of the same family running the business, and we offer next day delivery on all orders guaranteed.

Packaging for parcels can be used if you are shipping an old mobile phone in the post. You might have sold it online because it no longer works, but somebody else has found a way to fix it and so wanted to buy it off you instead of you throwing it away. You need to look after it during delivery to ensure that the screen does not smash or crack if it is dropped. Bubble wrap is ideal for this.