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Packaging materials UK are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. We offer a huge range of plastic storage boxes, which are clear in colour and they come with lids. They are extra heavy duty boxes, which can withstand the weight of many items that are put inside of them. They will last a very long time as they are extra durable, which makes them ideal for storage purposes. They are waterproof because of the plastic, so they will protect your things from rain and dampness.

Packaging for parcels are useful for sending both smaller and larger items in the post. We have a variety of cardboard boxes in many different sizes, so we believe that we have something for everyone. Larger items are typically heavier, and will cost more to send in the post. It is important to secure your parcel using our strongest box tape when sending things in the post.

Packaging for moving house at affordable prices

Packaging materials for house move can be used when sending a large fruit bowl to your new home. You could wrap it up in our packing tissue paper, or wrap it up using our medium bubble wrap too. You can then put it into a strong double walled box which is heavy duty enough to protect it, and large enough for the size of the bowl, and then secure that box using strong box tape. All of this will ensure the bowl reaches the new home in good condition, and so that it doesn't need to be replaced.

Packaging companies Scarborough can be hard to find on the high street, because not many shops specialise in packaging. This is why Packing Solution was formed, to provide the best quality and affordable packaging to Scarborough and the surrounding areas too. You can view our full range here online, and find all detailed product information as well, which enables you to make an informed decision about the best types of packaging for your requirements.

Removals packaging includes our range of archive boxes with lids. They have handle holes which makes them easy to carry to and from the removal lorry, and the removable lids mean you can easily access the contents of the boxes to get what you need from inside. We offer some of the lowest prices in Scarborough for archive boxes.