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Removals packaging can be used to move kitchen goods to your new home. You might have a microwave, which you want to protect while you move home. One of our medium double walled boxes will be ideal for this purpose, and will be the exact right size for your microwave. It is double walled and so it is very strong and sturdy, and it will be able to hold the weight put onto the box without breaking, and it will protect your microwave from damage too.

Packaging for moving house could also help to move your kitchen appliances such as cutlery and cooking utensils. You will want to keep these together so that you know where they are and nothing gets lost. You could put them into a large double walled box and write on the outside to say they are in there.

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Packaging for parcels can also be used for businesses sending products in the post to customers. You might have a small online business selling second hand ornaments, which are old and precious. You can protect them using our packing paper or small bubble wrap, which you can use to cover the ornaments and also to stuff inside of the ornaments to give them extra strength. You can then place them into a small box of an appropriate size, and probably a double walled box will be stronger and better.

Packaging companies Tunbridge Wells are often hard to find. This is why Packing Solution was formed, to provide the best quality and affordable packaging and packaging accessories to Tunbridge Wells and its surrounding areas too. We are packaging experts, with many years of experience. If you need help in choosing the right types of packaging for your requirements, then please contact us and we are more than happy to help you with that.

Packaging materials for house move also include our A4 archive boxes, which come with lids on. They are extra strong, and they have handle holes which makes them easy to carry when they are full of heavy things. They are brown in colour, and can easily be written on to say what is inside of them. The lids make for easy access, so if you need to get to the items inside of them quickly, you can easily do this.