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Packaging for parcels can be used when sending items in the post to a friend or family member who may live far away. Another scenario is that you might run a business and need to send items to customers in the post which you have sold online or via mail order. We offer mail order boxes, which are designed exactly for this purpose, and they are the best size in order to send items in the post without costing the earth in postal costs. You can find these below or under the heading 'boxes'.

Removals packaging is available here in our huge range. We offer individual boxes, so you can mix and match to pick exactly what you require, and we also offer discounted packs of five or ten boxes of each type of box. We also have huge discounts on larger packs of fifty, seventy five or one hundred boxes at a time as well, so you can make big savings with Packing Solution.

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Packaging materials for house move includes our CD sized boxes. They are designed to fit ten CD's inside of them, and they are the exact size for this purpose, so the CD's will not slide around and break at all. You can fit other smaller objects inside of them as well, including jewellery and other small things, and they are lightweight as well as durable. We have discounted packs of five or ten or fifty or one hundred boxes, so you can choose the exact number that you require.

Packaging companies Weston Super Mare can be hard to find, and there are few packaging specialists on the high street. This is why Packing Solution is here to provide the highest quality and affordable packaging and accessories to Weston Super Mare with our easy to use website and our guaranteed next day delivery service. We send a tracking number once the order has been dispatched as well.

Packaging for moving includes our range of double walled cardboard boxes, which are heavy duty and strong, and they come in a variety of sizes. They are much better for heavy items such as books, as opposed to single walled boxes which are fine for lighter items but certainly not for the heavier ones. They are better for storage too, because they are more durable.