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Packaging for moving needs to be strong and durable. It needs to be able to hold lots of your items, and to protect them, and the packaging needs to withstand the weight of the heaviest and largest of items as well. The packaging needs to be handled by the removal company all day long, so it needs to be tough for this reason as well, and on top of all of this it needs to be lightweight and sold at a reasonable price as well in order to save you money on what will be an already expensive day.

Removals packaging can be used when moving your arm chair to your new living room. An arm chair is large, and so when it is put into the removal lorry, it will likely go in first and with smaller items put on top of it. You therefore need to protect it with a layer of furniture cover or bubble wrap to ensure protection from dirt, water and other eventualities.

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Packaging materials for house move can help to move your mattresses from the bedrooms when you move. You need to keep them clean, and this is the primary goal for most people, because other than this there isn't much damage that could occur to the mattress. We offer furniture protection covers here at Packing Solution, which are made from polythene sheeting and are designed to go around mattresses. They are clear in colour, and at completely waterproof and lightweight too, as well as being heavy duty.

Packaging companies Wolverhampton can be hard to find, and this is why Packing Solution was formed with an easy to use website where you can view our full product range including all detailed product descriptions too. You are able to purchase directly from us here online at the best prices, and you do not need to create an account with us. We sell to the public and businesses in and around Wolverhampton, and we have no minimum orders either.

Packaging for parcels could be used if you are sending business products in the post. Maybe you sell drinks bottles that you use for sports, and you want to ensure the bottles reach the customer without cracks in them. You could stuff them with our packing tissue paper, and then wrap them in a small roll of bubble wrap as well.