Packing Boxes for Moving in Oxford

We specialize in supplying Oxford with house moving boxes and moving accessories. With nearly 80 years of experience with packaging, we are experts and can help you with advice and the exact products that you will need for your move. We also sell cardboard storage boxes to help you move some of your old belongings into the garage or attic when needing to get things out of the way, nobody likes a cluttered house after all.

Buy Cardboard Boxes for Moving in Oxford Here

Our box packaging comes in a huge variety of sizes and shapes (but not colours I’m afraid) which should be everything you would need. There is no need to cause hassle for yourself and visit the local supermarket, we have everything you could need right here at highly competitive prices.

We sell Archive boxes in both the A4 and A3 sizes, with lids as well and room to write what is in them, which is perfect for storage. Removal boxes that we sell are all 100% recyclable, and we have a close working relationship with Perry’s recycling. You can guarantee nothing goes to waste, and we take good care of the environment. If you are considering where to buy packing materials then look no further. We have

designed the whole experience on this website to be as simple and easy as possible for you, because we know how difficult it can be moving home or moving old belongings out of the house into the garage. We pride ourselves on our cheap packing boxes, and believe you will not find a better price elsewhere. We offer manufacturer prices directly to you, and how? Because we deal with such huge quantities of packaging all year round that we are able to get you the best prices, simple.

Accessories are also available here, all in one place, such as clear packing tape or bubble wrap to make sure all of your things are looked after carefully and not damaged during the big move. You wouldn’t want to start with five glasses and end up with one. We sell both double wall boxes for heavy items such as weights, and single wall boxes for lighter items such as clothing, so you can choose exactly what you need and want. We are very easy to deal with, please give us a call if you have any problems.