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Welcome to our shop, Packing Solution, the number one retailer of packing cardboard boxes here in Saint Albans and its surrounding areas. We offer a great big range of cardboard boxes for packing as well as many different types of packaging too, such as bubble wrap, tape, cling film, and cable ties too, so this way you can find everything that you need in one place here with Packing Solution online store.

Cardboard boxes for moving in Saint Albans here with Packing Solution

Boxes for heavy items need to be very strong, so that they won’t break with heavy things inside of them. They also need not be too large, because this will make them too difficult to carry during the house move. Large boxes for moving house are all in a brown colour, so this way you can write on them in permanent marker to say what is inside of them, so this way nothing will get lost during the house moving process. House removal packing boxes are often the last thing on peoples list when it comes to moving home, choosing the right removal company is paramount too, you don’t want a cowboy doing it.

Boxes for house removal can be difficult to choose knowing how many you need, so our multi packs will help you decide this, plus we offer discounted rates for them as well. Cardboard boxes for removals are different from ordinary boxes, because the shapes and sizes are specifically designed for this purpose in Saint Albans, which is why you should buy from us.

Cardboard boxes for moving can be either square or rectangle, and this will simply depend on the shapes of the items that you wish to put inside of them, so measure up your things before purchasing. Cardboard packing boxes sizes are all clearly stated in the product name, so this way it is easy for you to compare as to what you require, then simply add them to your shopping cart and off you go. Please contact our expert team for free advice on how many you may need and what sizes are best. Our PS02 and PS01 sized boxes are the most popular, so we would recommend looking at these below here first. Please visit us again soon and make a note of our website, and please tell a friend about our great prices.