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Buy cardboard boxes near me here in Folkestone from Packing Solution. We are the favourite supplier to the local area, and we supply the surrounding areas too, as well as nationwide. We have on offer a great range of house moving boxes that are great for every home in Folkestone, no matter how big or small the job is. We do not have any minimum orders, so even if you only need a few boxes, we have you covered. If you need lots of boxes, we have that too.

Heavy duty boxes for moving in Folkestone here from Packing Solution

Cardboard storage boxes can be used to store away some of your old catalogues from suppliers or old magazines too, and are perfect for this job as they are a great size and are very strong. Boxes for house moving can be either rectangular or square too, so simply measure up your things and decide the shape based on the criteria given, all of our measurements are given in millimetres so it is best to measure like that. Buy packing boxes made out of cardboard and you will be happy with your choice, they are lighter in weight than plastic containers, cheaper, and just as durable, and they can be recycled too.

Removal boxes are impossible to find in Folkestone, no removal companies sell them and virtually no shops do either, which is why Packing Solution was formed many years ago to cater for this. Packing boxes for moving are most popular in sizes of PS01 and PS02 product codes, so have a look at these below on this page and you may find exactly what you need straight away.

Storage boxes need to be strong enough to withstand lots of weight, but they also need to be strong to protect your things inside of them, and need to be durable too to last a very long time in the garage. Double wall boxes are the best kind for moving home, and most of our range represents this type of box, they are stronger, more durable, and just as cheap too, from as little as one pound ninety nine pence. Please take a look below at our best selling boxes, or take a look at our full products list at the top menu too, and we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Happy shopping.