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Hello, thank you for visiting Scarborough’s number one retailer of packing cardboard boxes and accessories. We have been operating in this industry for many years, and have lots of knowledge and experience within the market for cardboard boxes for packing. Our range represents the most popular and most practical sized boxes specifically for the purpose of moving home in Scarborough. We can deliver to Scarborough, and its surrounding areas, and we can even deliver nationwide should you need, so no matter if you are moving home locally or much further away, we have everything you need.

Boxes for heavy items in Scarborough here from Packing Solution

Heavy duty boxes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from rectangular to square and so on, so it is important to measure up your items first before buying, and our expert team can offer free advice on this subject. Heavy duty boxes for moving are used when moving home, and the process as a whole can last many days depending how big the house move is, so you will need lots of boxes most probably.

Large boxes for moving house are easy to choose here from Packing Solution, and choosing the right removal company is important too, you want them to do a great job and be reliable but not be too expensive, man and van jobs are not advised. House removal packing boxes need to fit in the vans well, and the removal man needs to look after the boxes and move them around gently, because he will not know what is inside of them. It is useful to write on the outside of the boxes for house removal so that the removal man knows what is inside and can treat them gently as required.

Cardboard boxes for removals need to be small enough to fit through the door frame too, because that could be an absolute catastrophe if they did not during a house move and you would have to empty them out on the street. Cardboard boxes for moving need to be closed up with tape at each end, and you need to easily be able to get into them again at the new home to unpack, but be careful not to break them so that you can use them again on another occasion, not saying that you will move house soon, because you will love your new home.