Where to find clear packing tape

Packing tape is most commonly used for holding together large cardboard boxes, as well as other types of protective packaging. As it is required to hold large and heavy boxes together, it needs to be extra strong and extra sticky, and it also needs to be much wider than normal tape too. Ordinary tape from a supermarket will not do, and could result in your boxes opening during transit.

Strong tape is commonly used during house moving, storage and shipping of boxes and parcels, and generally speaking; you get what you pay for. Cheap packing tape is available to buy along with much more expensive tapes, so the quality of the tape can vary dramatically and the price gives you a good indication.

What is the best packing tape?

The elements that make the very best packing tape are fairly clear, but the quality can vary from one supplier to the next. It is recommended to purchase from a professional packaging supplier rather than a stationary shop or supermarket, as this is what usually causes the huge difference. So what are the factors that make the best packing tape?

       1. The stickiness of the parcel tape is the most obvious thing. Strong adhesive tapes are the best you can buy, and they will hold even the largest and heaviest of boxes together with ease. They will stick to any surface, and so they are practical for using on cardboard, plastic and bubble wrap too.

       2. The thickness of the tape, in terms of width, is the second factor. The wider the tape, the more surface area there is to stick to the surface you are putting it on. This is especially useful if you are taping together boxes, where you have two flaps that you are taping together, because a nice wide tape will cover a large portion of both flaps, holding them together perfectly. 48mm wide tape is the best width, and thinner tapes are to be avoided.

       3. The length of the roll of the best packing tape is another factor, and this is something to watch out for. Many suppliers may offer a cheap price, but you will find that the length of the tape isn’t anywhere near as long as some of the other options. Cheaper prices usually come at a cost.

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Why use clear packing tape?

Parcel tape can come in a variety of different colours. To the average person, the colour might not be something that you consider to be important; after all, it is only tape. The colours can range from clear, to brown, and some tapes have printed writing on, for example ‘fragile’ printed tape. So what are the main benefits of each type of tape?

      1. Clear packing tape is see-through. The benefit of this is that you can clearly see the edges of the box that you are taping up, and you can therefore ensure that the job is done accurately and safely. The clear tape will match the colour of the box you are taping up, so if you are using tape for a business where you have a neatly branded box, the tape will not ruin the appearance for the customer. It is the most common colour of tape, and usually the quality is higher with this type of tape.

      2. Brown packing tape is the bog standard. It is usually a bit less sticky, and usually a bit cheaper to buy. If you are looking for value, and don’t really care about quality, then brown packing tape could be an option for you. Light boxes should be fine with brown tape, but not heavy boxes.

      3. Printed shipping tape, for example ‘fragile’ tape, are great for letting the carrier know that a specific box is to be taken care of. It lets the removal company know which boxes contain fragile items, so they can take extra special care and attention while moving that box, and they can place that box in a safe location to ensure that it doesn’t break. In terms of the quality of that tape, it is usually a bit more expensive, but very good quality.
Generally speaking, we believe that clear packing tape, or ‘fragile’ printed tape, are the best options.

    Which tape is best for shipping versus moving house?

    The main difference between shipping something with a courier and moving house, is that while moving house you are the one who will transport the parcels, where as when shipping it is a courier service who will transport your parcels. This basically means that when you move house you can keep a close eye on the boxes to ensure they remain in good enough condition to protect your items, where as when shipping something with a courier you have no control. In terms of packing tapes, the quality of the shipping tape needs to be extremely high, and although the quality of the tape for moving house also needs to be high, it is not quite as important. 

           1. When it comes to shipping, ‘fragile’ printed tape is the best. The courier will be warned of the safety of your parcel compared with the others in his van or lorry, and you can be assured of the safety of the parcel. The stickiness of this type of tape is extremely high, and you can rely on this tape to be the very best for the job. This type of tape does not cost much more than ordinary strong tape, so it is well worth the trouble.

           2. While moving house, if you are using a removal company, then ‘fragile’ tape could also be a good option to ensure they are safe with your items, although if all of your items are labelled as fragile, they won’t know to look after special ones. It is therefore best to use clear packing tape which is extra strong for moving house, and use this in combination with ‘fragile’ tape for the delicate boxes. Clear tape is great value for money and is of a very high quality.

    Scotch or paper packing tape?

    Although scotch is a brand of tape, it commonly refers to the ordinary adhesive transparent tape, or clear packing tape as we have been referring to. Paper packing tape is a new type of tape which is environmentally friendly and is made entirely from paper. So what are the differences and benefits of paper tape in comparison with normal scotch packing tape?

           1. Paper packing tape is environmentally friendly, and so for the eco conscious person, this can be a good option. It is not as strong or durable as normal tape, so the quality standard is not as high. You can risk the parcel opening during transit, and it could tear open easily. The stickiness of the tape is less strong too. As paper tape is a relatively new invention in recent years, the quality may improve over time, so hopefully in the future you won’t have to sacrifice quality for environmentally friendly tape.

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