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Padded bubble wrap will give you extra protection around your items which you are moving to a new location. There are many different reasons why you might need bubble wrap; perhaps you are moving home or office and need to protect the things you are transporting, or perhaps you are shipping something with a courier over a long distance and want to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition, or maybe you are just storing something in the attic and need to ensure that it is protected.

Bubble wrap is exactly what you need for the purpose of protection, and there are no other packaging materials that can compare. Extra padded bubble wrap will have extra protection because it will contain extra cushioning from damage. Our bubble wrap with larger bubbles will provide that extra padding that you need, because the larger bubbles contain more air inside, and so they are able to absorb a larger shock than smaller bubbles.

If you put several layers of the regular smaller bubbles around an object, it will in fact give the same outcome and the same level of protection as the larger bubbles. Padded bubble wrap UK can protect even the biggest and heaviest of items from your home. It can be hard to find bubble wrap suppliers that you can trust, because smaller high street retailers who offer bubble wrap along with their normal selection will often sell poor quality bubble wrap, which is far from ideal.

Here at Packing Solution we are packaging experts, and the bubble wrap that we offer is of the highest quality, and will be able to protect everything you need. We offer some of the most competitive prices here online too, and we offer next day delivery to your door.

Bubble wrap that is padded contains hundreds and thousands of tiny air bubbles which form the strong layer of protection that you need. They work together to absorb shock, and pass the pressure among themselves effectively and efficiently. It was originally designed in the United States as a type of wallpaper, but soon became used as protection packaging when people discovered the unique properties of bubble wrap.

There is nothing quite like it, and no packing paper or tissue paper can compare when it comes to protection. Wrap with padded bubbles can be put around your television while you move house, and other objects which are extra delicate and could easily break, which would cost a small fortune to replace if damaged. All you will need is some strong packing tape to ensure that it is held in place securely and safely, which we also sell here at Packing Solution which is held in stock and is available for immediate delivery.

The most padded bubble wrap that you can buy is our larger bubbles, and it is available in several different lengths depending on the quantity that you need. We offer ten metre as well as twenty five metre rolls which are very wide at 750mm, and they are able to protect almost anything from your home, including the largest of furniture as well as smaller objects as well. It is flexible and versatile, and is one hundred percent recyclable too.