Shop now for plastic covered bubble wrap with Packing Solution

Plastic covered bubble wrap is the type of bubble wrap that we offer here at Packing Solution. It is made up of hundreds and thousands of tiny air bubbles, with a plastic outer which provides extra protection from damage and is waterproof and dirt proof too.

It will help to protect your items with extra special care, and will ensure that no water can get to the item inside. Our bubble wrap is also one hundred percent recyclable, so it is environmentally friendly compared with other types of bubble wrap too. Plastic covered bubble wrap UK could be placed around an object which you are shipping in the post over a long distance.

You never know what will happen to your parcel when it is sent in the post, because the parcel might get tossed around which can cause damage to the contents, or it might get left in the open air and it rains, which can also damage the contents. Our bubble wrap will protect from all eventualities, and ensure that your items are completely safe from harm.

Buy plastic covered bubble wrap here with Packing Solution because we are packaging experts with many years of experience within the packaging industry, and we are able to help you with anything that you might need to know or might need.

We supply only the finest quality bubble wrap rolls, which will not tear or rip easily, and you can rely on them to protect your items fully and effectively throughout the duration of their journey. Plastic bubble wrap lasts a long time and is extremely durable, and so it can be used for storage over a long period of time as well.

Bubble wrap covered with plastic has the main benefit of being waterproof, and this is important because water is actually the main damage creator while shipping a parcel. People assume that knocks and bumps are the only cause, but it is in fact rain that causes the most damage to parcels in the UK.

After all, it does rain nearly half of the year here in the United Kingdom, so it is important to factor that into the equation if you have a delicate item that you are shipping. Plastic bubble wrap is stronger than other types of bubble wrap and it will not tear as easily, and this is another reason why customers choose our bubble wrap.

This means that it won’t tear, and if it did tear, then this would simply cause a hole for potential damage to occur or for water to enter the parcel, so bubble wrap that will not tear is extremely important. Bubble wrap with plastic covering is hard to find because not many retailers offer this type of bubble wrap.

You can only buy online for delivery to your home, and here at Packing Solution we offer next day delivery throughout the nation. We hold stock of our entire range of bubble wrap which ensures that you can always get the bubble wrap that you need quickly and efficiently.