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Rectangular cardboard boxes are very popular for moving home or office, or for shipping things in the post or for storage too. There are many important reasons why rectangular shaped boxes are so popular in comparison to completely square boxes, and there are many reasons why they are so useful.

Here at Packing Solution we offer next day delivery on all orders to your door, which ensures you can always get the boxes that you need on time. Rectangular moving boxes are easier to carry than square boxes, because the wider shape prevents them from being too top heavy.

The weight distribution is what makes them easy to carry and safe to carry, and you can easily manoeuvre them through a house out to the removal lorry or van, and you can easily lift them into the back of the van or pass them onto somebody else.

Rectangular packing boxes provide a better weight distribution than square boxes, so this means that when a wider box is put into the back of a removal lorry, it is much less likely to fall over than if you put a taller or square box into the lorry. The width of the bottom of the box is what causes a stronger base. It is similar to if you have a wide stance with wide legs, it is harder to push you over than if you have your legs completely together. This is common knowledge in games such as rugby.  

Rectangular cardboard boxes UK are for sale here at Packing Solution, and our widest box is our large double walled box, which is much wider than taller. All of our boxes are actually rectangular, for the important reasons that we mentioned above. Double walled boxes are the strongest kind you can buy, and we offer plenty of those because they are ideal for house moving.

Rectangular shaped boxes are easier to fit into the removal lorry too, because lorries are rectangular shaped so this basically means that you can fit more into each load of the lorry. This will in turn save you trips back and forth, to and from the new home, which will save you time and money and effort too.

When you pack a lorry it is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, where you need to try to fit as many boxes are possible into each load of the lorry. The reason for this is not only to save you trips back and forth, but also to prevent breakage, because the less room for the boxes to move around, the less chance of anything getting broken if they are held in place.