Shop now for recyclable cardboard boxes with Packing Solution

Recyclable cardboard boxes are much better for the environment than plastic boxes, and they are equally as useful too, for many important reasons. Commonly cardboard boxes are used for house moving, storage and shipping, and the reason for this is because they are extra strong and durable but they are lightweight too.

They are as strong, if not stronger, than plastic, and they are lighter in weight, plus they can be recycled which plastic cannot. Recyclable moving boxes can be flat packed too, unlike plastic boxes. This means that you can easily store them until you wish to use them, and you can transport them much easier.

They won’t take up anywhere near as much room in your house as plastic boxes when they are flat packed, and this is one of the other reasons that they are much preferred. When we deliver boxes to your door tomorrow, they will arrive flat packed to make your life as easy as possible.

Recyclable packing boxes are made from recycled paper too, so they are made from another material which has already been recycled, and they are used to make other items which are recyclable too. You cannot get much more eco friendly than that. Although plastic boxes can be used again and again, most people do not use them for long periods and instead choose to throw them out, because they take up too much room and cannot be flat packed away. So if you are planning to dispose of the boxes after you have used them, because you are using lots of boxes for a house move for example, then you should definitely opt for our cardboard boxes.    

Recyclable cardboard boxes UK are much easier to write on than plastic boxes, because they are brown coloured and made from paper. This means that you can use a normal marker pen to note which room of the house that each box belongs in. This will make your house move much easier and faster, and it will make unpacking a breeze at the other end. You can also write on boxes to say which boxes contain delicate items and which do not, so you can prevent breakage as much as possible.

Cardboard boxes that can be recycled are easy to secure shut and easy to carry. They are practical for many different reasons, and you can even adjust the size of cardboard boxes to match the size of the items that you are putting into them. You can put simple slits at the corners of the box at the top, and do this on all corners, and this will make the flaps a bit larger at one end, which in turn adjusts the size of the box.