Shop now for relocation cardboard boxes with Packing Solution

Relocation cardboard boxes are the best type of box for the purpose of moving home or office. They are used by both the public while moving home, or businesses while moving premises, and here at Packing Solution we supply to both directly online, with no minimum orders. We offer individual boxes, as well as discounted packs of five, ten or one hundred boxes at a time, and the more that you buy the cheaper the price per box becomes.

Relocation moving boxes need to be strong and durable, so that you can hold heavy items inside of them without them breaking apart, plus they need to be able to protect the things you are putting into them. They need to be able to hold the weight of other boxes that are stacked on top of them in the removal lorry too, and here at Packing Solution we offer strong double walled boxes which are perfect for relocation purposes.

Relocation packing boxes should be the ideal shape and size to move items from one location to another, it is as simple as that. The ideal size should be easy to carry and fit through door frames, easy to stack in a van or lorry, and large enough to fit the items inside as required. The size will therefore vary depending on the move that is in progress, and the items you are moving, and the ability that you have to carry them when full. A professional removal company will require larger boxes, while if you are doing the move yourself, it is often better to get medium sized boxes; and in both cases you should ensure that you buy strong boxes.

Cardboard boxes for relocation could mean that you are shipping an item from one location to another; perhaps you have a business and need to send products from your warehouse directly to your customer somewhere else in the world. In this example you will need to consider the price of sending the size and weight of your parcel, because it can vary dramatically depending on the courier that you use.

Cardboard boxes for relocation UK can also be send using the standard Royal Mail service, and they tend to be a bit more expensive than normal couriers for larger parcels, but they are cheaper for small parcels and letters. The convenience is key with Royal Mail as they have branches all over the United Kingdom for delivery and collection.

Cardboard boxes for relocating need to be secured shut using some strong parcel tape, which we also offer here online. We also sell protective packaging such as bubble wrap and packing paper, so that you can find everything that you need in one place. Relocation is stressful and difficult, and our number one aim is to make the packaging side of your move as simple as possible, and as cheap as possible, whilst providing the best quality packaging imaginable. Welcome to Packing Solution.