Shop now for safe cardboard boxes with Packing Solution

Safe cardboard boxes are the type of boxes that you can rely on to provide protection for the contents inside, and you can rely on them to be durable enough to last for as long as you need them for. You know that you can stack them up easily without them breaking, and you know that you won’t have any issues with them when it comes to moving home, shipping or storage. Here at Packing Solution we sell high quality boxes at affordable prices, and we offer next day delivery.

Safe moving boxes should be made from extra strong double walled cardboard, with a thickness grade that is suitable to ensure maximum strength and durability. Weaker boxes will not do the job of moving, because they won’t be able to hold heavy objects, or even lots of smaller objects either. They might split open during transit, and they would crumble under the weight of other boxes on top of them too.

Safe packing boxes should be secured shut using strong packing tape along the edges, as this is the best way to ensure that they remain shut throughout the duration of the move. They should be filled with bubble wrap inside as well, as this can further help you to protect the contents inside. They should be of a medium size so that they are safe and easy to carry as well, because you do not want to damage your back while moving boxes, and if they are too large then they often become too heavy to carry and this will cause lots of problems.

Cardboard boxes that are safe will arrive flat packed and wrapped up in polythene to ensure they are safe during delivery to your door. It will help to protect them from water damage if it rains, and protect them from dirt and dust as well, so that they arrive in the perfect condition and ready for you to use. We sell packs of five or ten or one hundred and the more that you buy, the cheaper the price per box becomes.

The safest cardboard boxes available are premium double walled cardboard boxes, because they have double the wall thickness, and so double the strength. They will ensure that whatever you put into them are completely safe from harm, and nothing bad can happen. Not all double walled boxes are the same strength, and it is because of the thickness of the actual cardboard that makes the difference, so don’t be fooled by extremely low prices by some packaging companies.

Cardboard boxes for safety can be hard to find on the high street, because the only retailers that offer boxes (very few) will sell poor quality cheaper boxes that are far from ideal. This is why it is always better to buy from a professional packaging company online such as Packing Solution here, because we know how to produce the best boxes in the UK and are able to offer unbeatable prices for the quality standard because there are no middle men involved.