Shop now for school cardboard boxes with Packing Solution

School cardboard boxes are the best types of box for the purpose of school use. There are many different reasons why a school may need cardboard boxes; they might be moving to a new location, or a teacher might be moving to a new classroom. Perhaps there are lots of books that need storing in an area of the school until you use them in future, so you need storage boxes. Perhaps you need boxes to simply make fun things out of, so that you can use those to help teach younger children a subject matter. Either way, boxes have many great uses, and they can be re used or recycled after use as well.

School moving boxes will help you to move from one classroom to another, or if you are moving an entire school to a new location they will assist with that as well. Here at Packing Solution we specialise in boxes, which are very strong and durable and were designed specifically for the purpose of moving. We also sell other packaging items which are also designed to help with moving, such as bubble wrap and strong packing tape.

School packing boxes could be used for storage purposes, of books and documents from your class. We sell archive boxes with removable lids which are perfect for storage, because they are large and can easily be written on so that you can say what is inside of the box for easy access in future. The lids allow for quick access too, and many people choose to simply leave the lids off and place the box onto a shelf with books inside. They are large enough to hold plenty of books but they are not so large that they would become too heavy once they are full.

Cardboard boxes for schools can be hard to find, and here at Packing Solution we offer nationwide delivery which is the next day. Our price include VAT, and we offer some of the most competitive prices in the country. Our packaging is eco friendly and recyclable, and is made here in the UK from premium quality corrugated cardboard and recyclable bubble wrap too. We hope that you can find everything you need.

School storage boxes can be great fun to make things out of when teaching a younger group of children. You can make a fun play house for example for very young kids, or you could build a rocket for a science class for secondary school children. They can also be great for nativity plays at Christmas time too, and you can make an outfit of a robot for a bit of fun too. They are re usable for so many different purposes.

School cardboard boxes UK will arrive flat packed so that they won’t take up much room in your classroom until you need to use them. It can be a good idea to have a backup batch of boxes ready for when you need them in future, and so many teachers choose to buy a larger pack of boxes and leave them flat packed in the corner until you need to make use of them.