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Shipping company bubble wrap is a special type of bubble wrap that is commonly used and trusted by shipping companies in the UK, who regularly use it to help protect the parcels that they are sending over really long distances each and every day.

If you are using a shipping company to send your products or a parcel over a very long distance; perhaps overseas, then it is important that you use a type of bubble wrap that is trusted and used by shipping companies. Buy shipping company bubble wrap directly here online with Packing Solution.

We are packaging experts, and specialise in high quality and durable bubble wrap. We provide our bubble wrap to hundreds of trusted shipping companies in the United Kingdom, so you can rely on the quality standard to be extremely high and definitely good enough for the purpose of shipping your items safely. We have a huge range of bubble wrap rolls, all of which can be used to send your items over a very long distance and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Shipping companies bubble wrap is often of a higher standard of quality than ordinary bubble wrap that might be used for storage for example, because of the time and distance that a parcel will need to be protected for. The longer a distance that a parcel needs to go on, the higher the probability of damage occurring, and this is why only the best quality and most durable bubble wrap will do.  

Shipping company bubble wrap UK is the best quality, because British manufactured bubble wrap is made at the highest quality standards, and each part of the manufacturing process is perfected because we have been making bubble wrap for such a long time in this country. Here at Packing Solution we are the leading suppliers of bubble wrap, and are used and trusted by thousands of customers each month.

Bubble wrap that shipping companies use is available in two different types; those with larger bubbles and those with ordinary bubbles. Of each main type, there are several different lengths of bubble wrap available, and you can pick based on the size of the parcel that you are shipping. Our bubble wrap can also be used for house moving or storage as well, and we sell to the public as well as businesses directly here online. We offer next day delivery throughout the UK.