Shop now for a Small Roll of Bubble Wrap with Packing Solution

A small roll of bubble wrap can be purchased here at Packing Solution; we are the leading experts and providers of high quality packaging which is designed for the public when moving home or businesses when shipping things in the post. It can also be used for storage too, and any other kinds of protection needed. All of our bubble wrap is one hundred percent recyclable, and it is available for next day delivery throughout the UK.

Our full range can be found here online, and it is always a good idea to have too much rather than too little protection. A small bubble wrap roll is useful for protecting small items that you are sending in the post, or for small objects during a small house move. Many packaging companies will force you to buy large quantities of bubble wrap; but here at Packing Solution we offer small rolls which are suitable for every requirement.

We have short rolls which are five metres in length, and only cost £3.50, so you can make sure you get what you need. A small roll of bubble wrap UK means that you won’t have much wastage, which is always better for the environment than purchasing larger quantities. If you are planning to buy lots of smaller rolls instead of one larger one, this is not a good idea- because the price per metre of bubble wrap is much cheaper on larger rolls, so economically you are much better off purchasing a larger roll in this example.  

A small roll of bubble wrap for moving could be used to help you to protect small objects from your kitchen, which are the absolute necessity to protect from damage. Things like plates, glasses and mugs will need protecting, even during a really small move such as moving from University to a new location, where you only have one room’s worth of items that need moving. Small bubbles are best with a small roll, because they are more practical for protecting smaller objects because they can easily fit around the contours of the items as opposed to larger bubbles.

A small roll of bubble wrap for packing needs to be secure around the things that you want to protect from damage, and you can ensure that this is the case by using some of the strongest packing tapes which we also offer here online. It is designed to stick to all different surfaces, to ensure that your items are entirely protected and to ensure that no damage can occur; which is ultimately the entire reason why you would buy bubble wrap.