Shop today for square cardboard boxes with Packing Solution

Square cardboard boxes are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution, and many of our boxes are sold in a square shape, or very similar. The square shape is very popular, because it makes the box easy to carry but at the same time allows you to fit plenty of items inside of them, which is what makes them so popular for house moving, storage and shipping throughout the UK.

Our boxes are available for next day delivery to your door tomorrow, with no minimum orders. Square packing boxes are especially popular because they enable you to fit plenty of them into each load of the removal lorry with ease. This means that they will in fact save you time, effort and money, because it will mean you can fit more into the lorry and therefore have less trips back and forth when moving home. Not many people consider this when planning their house move, but it is definitely something that is worth considering.

Square moving boxes are very strong and durable, because the shape allows for the ultimate level of strength of the box. The walls will be an equal length and width, which means they are actually much stronger than odd shaped boxes which have some walls which have a far greater surface area than others.

Square cardboard boxes UK include our most popular styles of box which are the product codes PS01 and PS02; our medium double walled boxes and extra large double walled boxes. They are not completely square, but they are very nearly square. The sides are almost identical in size, and they are the most popular types of box for house moving. You can see them below here on this page, or find them from our top menu also.

Square shaped boxes come in a variety of different sizes, so that you can choose a size of box that is appropriate for your requirements. Our boxes are often used to help move shoes from a home to a new location, and square boxes can hold plenty of shoe boxes inside of them. They are strong, so they will keep the shoes in perfect condition while you move home, and they are lightweight too so that they are easy to carry. Square boxes are always easy to carry and move because they are easy to hold due to a equal weight distribution throughout the box.