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Student cardboard boxes are the types of box that are perfect for student moving, from University or college to a new location, or when you are moving to University or college at the start too. As a student you will only have a room of possessions, so this works in your favour because you will have much less things to move than a full house move. This means you will not need too many boxes for the move. Many people choose to buy a pack of ten or twenty boxes to assist you, or others might choose our student moving pack which includes boxes, bubble wrap and tape, and estimates how many you need.

Student packing boxes should be strong and durable to help you to move many books, as well as clothes, computer, and bed sheets too. Strong boxes can protect the things you are moving, as well as holding heavy items as well, so they are ideal for student moves. Students will require a mixture of extra large, and medium sized boxes. The larger boxes are ideal for larger items, but the medium sized boxes are more manageable and easier to carry when full, and they can fit into an ordinary sized car better as well.

Student moving boxes are usually moved in a car rather than a removal van or lorry because there isn’t that much stuff to move from one bedroom, and students are usually helped by their parents or siblings rather than using a professional removal company. Some students use a storage company for the summer months while they leave University, while others take their things home with them. Strong double walled boxes that we offer here at Packing Solution are ideal for storage as well as moving, so they are versatile and perfect for the task.

Cardboard boxes for students

It can be used to store old books and essays inside, which you can keep under the bed or on the shelf in your room, because you will have lots of things to store that you might need to come back to for reference in the future while doing your dissertation in the final year of University. We offer archive boxes with lids which are designed for student storage of books and notes, and we also sell normal strong boxes for moving too which have flaps at either end.

Student moving cardboard boxes should be low cost as well, because students are on a tight budget usually for most things. At University you expect the drinks and food to be cheap, as well as getting discounts on other things too. This is why our student moving pack is heavily discounted so that you get the best deal on the packaging that you need, so it gives you more money to spend on the things that matter in life. You can save over thirty percent on our moving packs as opposed to buying individual boxes, so they are worth taking a look at.

Student discount cardboard boxes are still available with our next day delivery service, and there are no cutting corners on the quality either. We deliver to every University in the UK, including all major cities and smaller towns too. We can deliver to your halls of residence, as well as private houses, and we can leave specific delivery instructions if you have a special place that the parcel needs to be delivered to e.g. reception.