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Tall cardboard boxes are large boxes that can fit objects inside which would otherwise not fit into a smaller box that is too short. Many objects are a tall shape, and so a tall box is always very handy to use. You can fit a tall object into a tall or wide box, and it depends on which way you put the item into the box. Some objects need to be placed into a box a specific way to protect that object, while other objects can be placed on their side and put into a wide box.

Tall packing boxes will help you to move tall objects during a house move, such as a tall chest of drawers or other tall objects, or they can help you to move numerous objects together in one large box which will save you time and money. Tall boxes are easier to carry and move than wider boxes, because they will fit through doorframes easier while still managing to fit in the box plenty of items from your home.

Tall moving boxes can become unsteady when placed inside of a removal lorry, because they might have a small base area but be very tall and heavy at the top, which can cause them to fall over while the removal lorry or van is being moved, and this can cause damage and breakage. So it is therefore very important to securely place the box into the removal lorry to ensure that it won’t fall over, or strap it in place, or use some of our wider boxes instead which we also offer here at Packing Solution.

Cardboard boxes that are tall should be tall enough to fit inside your objects, but they shouldn’t be so tall that they become too heavy to carry and move. If a box is too large and heavy, then it defeats the object of using the box, and you are better off putting that object onto a pallet and sending via a different method. When objects are too large, sometimes it’s better to send them on their own, for example an oven or washing machine while you move house would usually be sent without a cardboard box.

Tall cardboard boxes UK

It will need to be secured shut at either end of the box using the flaps at either end. These flaps will need some strong packing tape to secure them shut, because taller boxes have heavier weights placed on the bottom of the box, more so than a normal box, and this is why you need especially strong packing tape to help secure that box shut. We sell strong packing tape here at Packing Solution online.

Extra tall cardboard boxes can be created using our flat packed boxes. They arrive flat packed, and they are effectively cardboard sheets which are joined together using staples and glue at one end, and if you remove that, you have a very large cardboard sheet. You can buy several boxes and have several large cardboard sheets, which can be placed around an extra tall object to form an extra tall cardboard box. Alternatively, our wardrobe boxes are extra tall, and they are as tall as a person.