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The best cardboard boxes will be the perfect types and sizes of box for the purpose of house moving, storage or shipping. They should be strong enough and durable enough for the task, as well as being the ideal shape and size for your requirements. They should not cost the earth, and they should be fully recyclable and made from premium corrugated cardboard here in the UK. Here at Packing Solution we offer only the very best quality boxes, delivered directly to your door within 24 hours.

The best packing boxes will be able to hold plenty of your household possessions while you move, and they will be able to hold the heavy weight put into them. Our strongest double walled boxes can hold up to thirty kilograms inside of them without breaking apart, making them extremely useful for moving house. You can buy them individually as well as in our discounted packs of five or ten boxes at a time as well, and we have large one hundred box packs which are better for wholesale.

The best moving boxes are hard to find because not many retailers sell boxes of any kind. There are very few packaging companies that deal in smaller and more practical sizes of box packs, and this is why Packing Solution was formed to provide the best quality moving boxes at the most affordable prices online directly to our customers. We supply to the public as well as to businesses directly via our website, and you do not need to create an account with us to make a purchase.

Cardboard boxes that are the best are instantly recognisable, because of the thick cardboard walls which are extra strong and durable. They will not split or bend as easily as thinner cardboard will, and you can tell the quality standard is extremely high because of the way they are joined together with staples and glue, and the edges are perfectly cut and straight. You can also tell if they are recyclable or recycled because of the printed markings on the corner of the cardboard too.

The very best cardboard boxes will enable you to sell and send your businesses products all over the globe, and the boxes will be strong enough to protect the products inside throughout their long journey, and they will be easily stackable while being sent in a courier van or lorry. Many businesses choose to have their logo printed on the outside of boxes, but it isn’t always necessary if you are sending lots of products at once, as long as the products themselves have branding on. It is much cheaper and easier to purchase plain brown boxes than printed ones.

The best quality cardboard boxes come in many different types. There are normal fold up boxes with flaps at either end which need to be secured shut, and they are the most popular cartons. There are also boxes with lids and handle holes, which are often referred to as archive boxes, and they are also very popular although they are much more expensive.